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The Privilege of Having a Relationship with NAAMC

I attended my first NAAMC conference in McLean, VA, in June of 2019, in my role of Director of Equity and Diversity for TEAM. I arrived not really knowing what to expect but it became an amazing experience, and it did not take me long to see that the NAAMC Leadership had a dynamic Vision and Mission. I was quickly convinced our mission agency could and should get on board with NAAMC as we had much to learn from them, and possibly we could come alongside and serve them in meeting their Vision.

Initially, our involvement was in supporting the Certification Program by providing Coaches and developing both a Soul Care Module for all students, and a Member Care Track for those interested in providing member care for missionaries. Soon this involvement became a signed MOU under which TEAM continued to provide some of those contributions, but also provided some financial support.

When COVID caused everything to shut down, I was absolutely amazed at the online conference which NAAMC was able to present. God truly worked and blessed the efforts and hours of many highly gifted and motivated people, and the online conference was outstanding! TEAM has had a presence at the NAAMC conference almost from the beginning, but the numbers were limited to just a few representatives.

As a result of going online, we were able to have more than a dozen TEAM personnel – many in executive positions – attend the conference and see the passion, vision, and mission of NAAMC. This was incredibly influential in helping me in my diversity role as it moved the relationship from just a few to many within TEAM. This relationship has even proceeded to the point of Pastor Adrian Reeves serving on TEAM’s Board of Directors, and in that role, being able to help this predominantly white mission agency move toward diversifying and bringing other rich perspectives to the decision-making table.

I am now retiring from TEAM, but I leave, grateful that TEAM’s relationship with NAAMC will continue and that we will be able to support each other as we both continue to serve the King of Kings in His Kingdom Purposes.

Make a bold move this Christmas season and support NAAMC!

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