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Introducing Arthur Breland, Sr. Director of Partnerships

Arthur Breland stands out as a dynamic spiritual leader with a rich tapestry of experience that spans pastoral ministry, academia, and administration. His multifaceted journey has given him a unique perspective on faith, leadership, and service, which he employs to foster positive change in communities and institutions.

Serving as the Lead Pastor at United Church since April 2016, Arthur has been the guiding light and visionary behind its success. He founded the church with a mission not just to provide spiritual nourishment but also to host God’s presence and empower black influencers for global missions and marketplace leadership. In his role, Arthur excels as a bible preacher and spiritual under-shepherd, overseeing both salaried staff and volunteer ministry leaders. His board responsibilities include ensuring the church’s financial solvency, spiritual health, and overall Kingdom impact.

Prior to his current role, Arthur played a crucial role as the Associate Pastor at Woodland Hills Church, where he was instrumental in supporting the Senior Pastor in achieving the church's mission. Here, he brought insightful evaluation, spiritual leadership, and diligent oversight to the church’s administrative functions, Bible study groups, and evangelism outreaches.

In the realm of academia, Arthur’s experience is equally impressive. Between June 2019 and January 2021, he championed international students at Atlanta Technical College in the capacity of an International Student Coordinator. He acted as the Designated School Official, ensuring compliance with US Homeland Security regulations and orchestrating orientations for new international students.

Before this, Beulah Heights University greatly benefited from Arthur's leadership. Starting as a Data Analyst & Assessment Administrator, he was a pivotal part of the accreditation reaffirmation process. Later, he took on the significant role of Director of Admissions & Intl Student Advisor, overseeing all admissions operations and guiding the university's international student affairs.

Arthur's educational credentials are a testament to his passion for continuous learning and dedication to his calling. He holds an A.A. in Evangelism & Global Missions from Valor Christian College, a B.A. in Biblical Education from Beulah Heights University, and is currently pursuing an M.B.A. in Organizational Leadership from Belhaven University.

In every role and every challenge, Arthur Breland has consistently showcased his commitment to nurturing growth, championing education, and enhancing the spiritual vitality of communities. With his diverse experiences and unwavering commitment, he continues to make a profound impact in both religious and academic spheres.


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