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NAAMC Transitions from Annual Conference to Year-Round Organizational Resource

The National African American Missions Conference is proud to announce its transition from an annual conference to a year-round organizational resource! The new National African American Missions Council will launch initiatives that support mobilizing primarily African American churches and missionaries into local and cross-cultural missions. It will operate as the equipping and mobilizing arm of Boundless Ministries, Inc. its parent organization.

“For the past 9 years we’ve built a movement that strongly supports greater representation of African Americans within the missions community; after the success of this year’s Virtual Experience, Missions Reimagined: From Here to Everywhere, NAAMC is ready to answer the call of year round mobilization”, said NAAMC Founder, Bishop David Perrin. “We still plan to host our annual meeting and we’re happy our new name still allows us to call ourselves NAAMC” laughed newly appointed Executive Director, Adrian Reeves.

The newly formed organization hopes to offer:

· Year-round training events for African American and Multi-ethnic churches

· Coaching for African American Pastors looking to establish or expand missions in their congregations

· Culture & Diversity training for agencies and ministries looking to participate in racial healing

· Additional mission awards increasing financial support for new and returning missionaries

· Missions programming for teens and children throughout the year

· NAAMC chapters established in all 50 states

· Discovery & Training missions opportunities

Currently the council’s leadership is in the process of building its infrastructure and hopes to launch many its new initiatives by January 2021. For upcoming developments please visit

The National African American Missions Council reconceptualizes the world through challenging the status quo and recalling the rich historical presence of the African American Christian, to reshape the future of missions.


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