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Blog: Where Are All the Black Missionaries?
By Chris Kemp

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SOWING SEEDS OF JOY strives for global reach, excellence, and collaboration in all its events, experiences, strategies, and operations. We are committed to being Relational, Intentional, Strategic, and Evangelistic in our global reach.
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The Sowing Seeds of Joy Training Institute is a ministry component that offers services and programs that hold that God is moving worldwide preparing men, women, young adults, and youth to be powerful leaders in local and international communities. We equip leaders (Black, African American, and People of Color), through cross-cultural missions training, discipleship and leadership training, and spiritual formation for the work of advancing God's Kingdom.

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The Sowing Seeds of Joy Consultation

For more than 20 years, Sowing Seeds of Joy has been deliberate in giving and exchanging guidance/information on a variety of subject matter among churches and agencies within the global Christian movement communities. Speaking engagements, mentoring/coaching, and discipling opportunities have been prominent and engaging activities for the organization’s founders, staff, volunteers, and board members. 

Consultation Areas Include:

  • Trauma Healing

  • Couples on Mission

  • Diversity & Inclusion in Missions

  • Chaplaincy

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Mission Trips

Sowing Seeds of Joy is committed to sending well-trained laborers into the missions fields for the work of advancing God’s kingdom. Utilizing the medium of short-term trips, we train and deploy teams of individuals to avail themselves for service domestically and cross-culturally. Travel opportunities are presented for participants to develop skills as short-term missionaries; through training, pre-trip through post-trip participates are encouraged to experience God and to embrace the excursion experience.

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