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Missions Award Application

National African American Missions Council (NAAMC) Mission Award Program (MAP) is proud to announce the first of the Monthly NAAM Council Awards


July 2021 - The Lott Carey Pioneer Award

sponsored by International Ministries.


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George Liele Ambassadors Award

George Liele Award.png

1752 - 1828

In honor of American’s first missionary, NAAMC offers the George Liele Kingdom Ambassadors Award to long term missionaries serving in missions ministry cross-culturally.  ​

  • Eligibility: Those serving one year or more cross-culturally

  • Requirements: Complete MAP Application

Rebekka Protten

 Mobilization Award

Rebekka Protten.png

1718 - 1780

In celebration of all people within the African Diaspora, NAAMC is pleased to introduce the Rebekka Protten Missions Mobilization Award. This award is for individuals serving in short-term missions ministry either through trips, programs, or projects dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God.

  • Eligibility: Those serving in short-term missions ministry for a minimum of two weeks to one year

  • Requirements: Complete MAP Application

Bishop David Perrin
 Missions Innovation Award

Bishop Hand.jpg


NAAMC is pleased to introduce the Bishop David Perrin Missions Innovation Award in honor of our founder. This award is designated for long-term missionaries serving cross-culturally with innovative and unique strategies such as utilizing technology, creative arts, business development, or authentic disciple-making methods for advancing the Kingdom of God.​

  • Eligibility: Those serving one year or more cross-culturally

  • Requirements: Complete MAP Application

NAAMC is pleased introduce the new Missions Education Award in support of short-term missions ministry linking learning to demonstrated missions experience. This award is devoted to teams, ministries, or churches looking to expand their missions ministry through educational opportunities that result is missions impact.

  • Eligibility: Teams/Ministries hosting missions education programs or training trips that offer direct missions experience for a minimum of two weeks- one year.

  • Requirements: Complete MAP Application



Dr. Don Davis
 Missions Education Award


The National African American Missions Council (NAAMC) established the Missions Award Program (MAP) to resource missionaries and missional efforts to advance the Kingdom of God. Since its inception in 2013 the program has raised over $55,000.00 in support of first-time missionaries and missionaries returning to the field. MAP supports both short-term and long-term missionaries and missional efforts requiring financial assistance in completing their ministry assignments domestically and internationally.

The program offers two types of awards: (1) Council Awards, which begin in July 2021,  are awarded monthly and are sponsored by one of our partners for a minimum of $1,000.00 (2) Conference Awards are awarded at the annual NAAMC Conference during the Legacy Ceremony. All awards are named in honor of historical African American Missionaries (living or deceased).


Who May Apply:

  • First-time Missionaries

  • Returning Missionaries

  • Married Couples/ Families

  • Missionaries Currently Serving and in Need of Additional Support

  • Short-Term Mission Teams

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