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We are a global mission team serving in 26 countries around the world. Our mission is to create dynamic Christ-centered communities that transform the world..

CMF has remained faithful to Christ’s call to go out into the world and transform it for 70 years. We are always looking ahead to implement new strategies and move into new areas to share the gospel. Lives and communities can be transformed through the good news of the gospel in any corner of the world, from the slums of Africa and India, to the universities of Europe, and in the schools and neighborhoods of Asia.

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Welcome to The Fellowship, a podcast for people who want to connect with God's mission to serve, to send, to transform the world. Join CMF International's Jake Moore as he and current CMF missionaries and other mission professionals share what it's like to serve on the field in CMF's holistic ministries: planting churches, serving the poor, building Christian university student communities and engaging the marketplace to open doors for ministry through business, education and community development.

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